Pro-Praxis Senior Living Underwriters is a highly experienced and client focused Managing General Underwriter (MGU) servicing the insurance needs of the Senior Living industry.

OmniSure Consulting Group is a highly specialized firm offering consultation and support in risk management and loss control. Together we bring you the most comprehensive risk management program available today!

Risk Fitness®

Are you fit for success? Managing risk is a lot like “getting into shape” and OmniSure has the one-of-a-kind professional Risk Fitness program to help you do just that.

As a care provider you know how important our physical fitness is to our general health and well-being. But have you thought about your well-being in terms of professional fitness? Your path to professional risk fitness is just a click away!

OmniSure Helpline

Examples of helpline calls:

  • A patient has complained about me on Yelp…now what?
  • Can you help me terminate this patient relationship?
  • How long do I need to keep medical records?

phone: 800.942.4140

email: Our Helpline

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DISCLAIMER: Risk Management support is provided by OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC and does not constitute and is not intended to replace legal advice. You should consult your own attorney to review any fact-specific documentation, policies, procedures and other relevant information in connection with matters affecting your legal interests. Information or documents provided are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to dictate or replace company policy. OmniSure is a separate risk management consulting firm only, and is not an agent of the insurance company or any of its affiliates. OmniSure’s Contract Review and Risk Management services are intended to provide best practice recommendations. These services are not intended and should not be deemed to answer any policy coverage questions or warrant compliance with any policy conditions or requirements. For terms and conditions, refer to the policy itself. Coverage is subject to exclusions. All questions regarding coverage or compliance with the terms, conditions or provisions under a policyholder’s professional liability policy should be directed to the policyholder’s insurance agent or broker.