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Are you fit for success? Managing risk is a lot like “getting into shape” and OmniSure has the one-of-a-kind professional Risk Fitness program to help you do just that. As a care provider you know how important our physical fitness is to our general health and well-being. But have you thought about your well-being in terms of professional fitness?

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As someone who cares for others, it’s important that you stay on top of your game professionally. You ensure patient or client safety, stay in good standing with licensing agencies, and avoid unnecessary risks. The stakes are high, since it not only affects your patients or clients, but your reputation, your license, and your income or assets as well.

For more than 15 years OmniSure has helped many well-known hospitals, health professionals and medical facilities improve performance, avoid lawsuits, reduce insurance premiums, and improve their risk profiles – both clinically and professionally. And now…we’re offering some of this same great support to you!

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Let's Go!


Our Company has greatly benefitted from our relationship with OmniSure. Their team does an exceptional job in their onsite reviews, their seminars, and in being available in real time to help manage an incident. Their reporting and trending give us evidence we are improving. What I find most valuable is that their vast experience with our industry can help highlight potential problems we were not aware of.

Chris G. Spence, President, Wesleyan Homes, Inc.

The service exceeded my expectations. It was prompt, practical, and helpful. Thanks

James Russell, RT Group, Inc.

We are proud to be your client

Maria Mejias, Risk Manager, Hospital Español Auxilo Mutuo