Vendor Management Recommendations

Vendor Management Checklist and Tips for Reducing Risk:

  • Do all current vendors providing services to the facility have a current, signed contract or agreement?  
  • Do all current vendors have documented proof of current liability insurance?  
  • Do you have a system to ensure your vendors are compliant with regulatory requirements and verifying competencies, licensure, and liability coverage?  
  • Do all independent contractors who work in your building have a signed, current agreement in force?  
  • Do all independent contractors who work in your building have proof of licensure if required?  
  • Do all independent contractors who work in the building have a Federal Tax Identification Number? (verify)
  • Is there proof on file of current Professional Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance for all independent contractors who work in the building?  
  • If applicable, is there a current contract with a licensed physician to serve as Medical Director who is responsible for assisting in the coordination of the overall medical care at the facility?  
  • Is there a copy of each attending physician’s current license on file?  
  • Are there copies of all attending physicians’ proof of malpractice insurance on file?  
  • Does the facility have a current CLIA waiver to do lab work, if applicable?  
  • Are contracts and agreements with supporting documentation maintained in a centralized location?
Compliance Tip Sheet

Quick-tip Video: Contract Review


Podcast: Your Vendor, Your Liability


Clinical Risk Services: Reimagined

For specialty insurance program managers and health-care organizations wanting to avoid surprises, OmniSure is an independent risk services partner that will help protect your business by reducing risk. Unlike other firms, whose independent subcontractors do one-time risk assessments and move on, OmniSure stays engaged to help identify and address issues throughout the policy period.


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