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Are you fit for success? Managing risk is a lot like “getting into shape” and OmniSure has the one-of-a-kind professional Risk Fitness® program to help you do just that.

You know how important physical fitness is to general health and well-being. But have you thought about your well-being in terms of professional fitness? Your path to professional risk fitness is just a click away!

RiskFit® Helpline

As an active client and policyholder, you have access to the RiskFit® Helpline. Oftentimes, as a health and human services provider, you encounter professional practice, risk, and regulatory related questions or issues and you're just not sure where to go. This is where the helpline can be of assistance.

Examples of helpline calls:

  • A patient has complained about me on Yelp…now what? 
  • Does this issue need to be reported to the state regulatory agency?
  • How much notice is required to dismiss a non-compliant patient from services?


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