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Risk management support provided by OmniSure Consulting Group, LLC is neither intended for nor should be construed as legal advice, and it is not intended to replace legal advice.

  • Information or documents provided are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to dictate or replace company policy.
  • OmniSure is an independent risk management consulting firm, not an insurance company or an agent of an insurance company.
  • OmniSure’s contract review and risk management services are intended to provide best practice recommendations. These services are not intended, and should not be understood, to answer any policy-coverage questions or warrant compliance with any policy conditions or requirements. For terms and conditions, refer to the policy itself. Coverage is subject to exclusions. All questions regarding coverage or compliance with the terms, conditions, or provisions under a policyholder’s professional liability policy should be directed to the policyholder’s insurance agent or broker.
  • Discussing events with OmniSure does not constitute reporting an incident to your carrier and will not meet the reporting requirements of your policy.

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